Get Fit. Go Home Safe.
With Krav Maga Training From Wright’s Gym

Krav Maga Pittsburgh

Get Fit. Go Home Safe.
With Krav Maga Training From Wright’s Gym

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Krav Maga

There is only one Krav Maga™ (contact combat) Worldwide official training center in Pittsburgh—and that’s Wright’s Gym in Crafton. 

Krav Maga
is the official self-defense and fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces, and is currently used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies worldwide.


Because Krav Maga is a real-world self-defense system created to combat potentially brutal real-world threats in close-quarter or surprise attack scenarios.  It is an accessible form of reality-based self-defense training that also provides untold benefits in fitness, confidence and self-awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Krav Maga Self Defense Training

Q:  What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga (contact combat) is a self-defense system that emphasizes instinctive movements and practical self-defense and fighting techniques in a realistic manner. The techniques learned in Krav Maga are the tools you need to protect yourself in a minimal amount of time.

Q:  Is Krav Maga Training Good For General Fitness?

Absolutely. In fact, there’s almost no way to seriously study Krav Maga without realizing noticeable fitness benefits.

Krav Maga can aid you in losing weight, looking better and feeling better; all while learning accessible self-defense techniques and methodologies. Many of our students drop inches from their waist and—they claim—add years to their lives!

Q.  Why Do You Claim Krav Maga Gives You Confidence?  

Like any self-defense training or martial art study, Krav Maga cannot make you invincible.

But what it can do for you is help build fundamental confidence, incrementally and systematically. Krav Maga training strives to take hesitation (uncertainty) out of dangerous or threatening situations. This type of discipline often extends to other parts of life.

Our students claim they stand straighter, speak with more authority and develop a “sense” about them that emphatically states: “I can take care of myself!”

Q. How Does Krav Maga Specifically Apply To Self Defense?

Krav Maga is reality-based—meaning the training you receive has been developed specifically to combat imminent threats to you or your loved ones.

From identifying threatening situations and being able to sense (and distinguish) low level self-defense encounters, to quickly identifying high level threats on your life, Krav Maga self defense training will, over time, provide you with realistic and decisive physical responses to potential threats.

Q. Does Krav Maga Teach Me How To Fight?

No. AND Yes.  By it’s nature, Krav Maga is self-defense training; however what you learn here can certainly “teach you how to fight.” On your feet, and on the ground, in fact. You WILL learn combative principles & techniques. Punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knees—Krav Maga MEANS Contact Combat, after all.

Remember however, Krav Maga is NOT a sport.  It is self-defense and fight training that prepares you to stay safe in real world scenarios.

Q.  How Does Krav Maga Compare To Martial Arts Training?

If you’re wondering how Krav Maga stacks up to martial arts and other self-defense systems, then the first training you need is “information training.”  Do some research. Read some articles. Talk to current students.

We teach much more than Krav Maga here at Wright’s Gym—Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling—and have a healthy respect for each path to fitness, fighting and self defense!

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