Real. Personal. Results.
Fitness Consulting & Personal Training.

Real. Personal. Results.
Fitness Consulting & Personal Training.

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Personal Training & Fitness Consulting

Sometimes you demand more personally. On the job. At home. And at the gym.

If you’re driven to fitness for whatever reason—to lose weight, to reach your ultimate fitness peak, to be able to defend yourself capably, or step into the ring or onto the mat with anybody, then you may be a candidate for personal fitness training from Wright’s Gym.

No list of programs here, because we don’t offer a cookie cutter approach to personal training and never will. Because we can’t really determine what we can do for you… until we meet you in person.

Let’s tailor a personal training regimen that’s right for you and you alone, together!

Fitness & Self Defense Consulting.
Let’s be clear—we’re ALWAYS fitness consultants at Wright’s Gym.  If you work out here, train here, lift here, roll here, grapple here or fight here—our entire staff is an open book to you when it comes to your fitness, training, health and well-being.

But what a lot of folks don’t realize is that we offer these services professionally outside the gym as well—as fitness and self-defense consultants that can help your staff shape up a little, adopt healthier lifestyles, or learn the critical basics of self defense that may make a fateful difference to them one day.

Wright’s Gym is the only certified Krav Maga training center in western Pennsylvania, and is certified in TASER™ training, Sabre defense sprays and more.  The only real question we have for you is…What do you need, and how can we help?


Our self-defense, personal & facility consultation clients include:

  • US Airways
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • US Bank
  • Police and Law Enforcement Agencies (Local, state and Federal)
  • Schools (Fitness, security and safety)

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