Intro to Krav Maga. Saturdays at 12 PM

Wright's Gym Home of Krav Maga Pittsburgh

Wright’s Gym in Crafton is Pittsburgh’s ONLY Krav Maga Worldwide Official Training Center. As the official self-defense and fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces, Krav Maga represents the latest, most accessible regimen in fitness, fighting and personal self defense.  And it’s just one of the ways Wright’s Gym can be your partner, teacher and guide to a more confident, capable and healthier life. 

Wright’s Gym is a welcome place for real people to train, stay fit, learn something new or improve a practiced skill or martial art.  See what we offer below—and check out our gym membership specials!

Saturday May 6 Civilian Safety Awareness Class - "OC" Pepper Spray. 

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Krav Maga Membership Special: $75/month! Price is based on a 1-year membership and includes all KM classes (see schedule) and full gym access!

Fitness, Strength Training & Workout Facilities

Whether it’s traditional weight training or functional fitness, you’ll feel right at home at Wright's Gym.  We’ve outfitted over 15,000 sq. ft. of space with what your fitness workout and strength training demands, including: free weights, training rig, kettlebells, medicine balls, deadlift platform, strong-man equipment, resistance training and aerobic machines. We’re proud to be the official training center of the Pittsburgh Power Arena Football Team. Increase your strength and functional fitness with Wright’s Gym.
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Personal Training & Fitness Consulting

With over 20 years of law enforcement, military and fitness experience, our personal trainers and fitness consultants can help you shape up in a uniquely individualized way. Our difference? Personal training at Wright's Gym is personalnot the one-size-fits-all training found at larger commercial gyms. We provide fitness training based on the most important person in the room: YOU.  Plus straightforward, affordable gym memberships that offer real value.  For well-rounded personal training and fitness consulting, consider a Wright's Gym membership.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Classes & Training

As a Sub-affiliate school of Team Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Sonny Achille/Steel City Martial Arts, Wright's Gym is aligned with the very best! Our head BJJ Instructor is Brad Mihalyi, blackbelt instructor under the Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Association. With over 20 years of martial arts experience, Brad can help you meet and exceed your grappling goals, both personally and competitively. For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training with winners who understand your goals, choose Wright’s Gym. 
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Authentic Muay Thai Training & Classes

Muay Thai training from Wright’s Gym is as real it gets—one of the leaders for authentic Muay Thai training in Pittsburgh! Our trainers have a wealth of ring experience, with over 100 fights among them.  Learn from pro’s who have fought professionally in Thailand, including inside the mecca of Muay Thai—Lumpinee stadium! Whether you’re learning kickboxing, training for competition or simply seeking an intense total body workout, check out Pittsburgh’s place for authentic Muay Thai at Wright's Gym 
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Wrestling Classes & Cobra Wrestling Club

The Cobra Wrestling Club at Wright's Gym is for grapplers of all ages—from beginners advanced–across a variety of weight classes. Cobra Wrestling teaches winning techniques that improve confidence and capability on the mat. We offer wrestling classes for children and teens competing at the grade school, middle school and high school levels, plus wrestling classes for adults competing in college or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). If wrestling is a passion, then come to Wright’s Gym ready to go.  Learn More >>

Facility & Personal Protection

At Wright's Gym we are experts in TASER®, Sabre defense sprays, Krav Maga and more!  Our professional staff led by head instructor Dave Wright will provide your private, corporate, government, or non-profit organization with the tools & fundamental skills necessary to protect themselves and your facility.

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News & Events

  • Saturday May 6 Civilian Safety Awareness Class - "OC" Pepper Spray. Click here for event details & registration inforamation.
  • Learn to defend your family, your business, and yourself with Facility & Personal Protection consulting from Wright’s Gym. Experts in TASER®, Sabre defense sprays, Krav Maga and more!
  • Attention CrossFitters!: Wright's Gym has recently been remodeled! Complete functional fitness area making us very CrossFit friendly! Do your WOD in our large fully functional area complete with a 24' Rig, 20 yard straight away for tire flips, sled pulls and more! We have a huge area for Power and Olympic lifting complete with bumper plates and kettlebells. You want to perform Crossfit at a fraction of the cost...Come to Wright's Gym!